Instructions for submitting Personal Property Forms online


To open the and/or fill out the forms you will need   Adobe Acrobat .

When submitting your Personal Property forms online, you MUST follow these instructions in order to ensure that your information reaches the Assessor's office.  Failure to follow these instructions may result in your forms not reaching our office.

1.  Once you fill in ALL of the required information on your form, you can then submit the form by e-mail.  To do this, go to the top of the form and click on the "Submit by E-mail" button. 

2.  You may get a message saying that the form itself will not be sent via e-mail., only a file containing the data will be sent.

3.  Depending on your computer system, you may get a box that will ask you what type of e-mail client you are using.  For most users, you will select the "Desktop e-mail application".  If you are going to send the file via Hotmail or some other internet based e-mail, please select the "Internet E-mail" option.

4.  One of two things will happen next depending on your system.  You may get a message saying that you are ready to send the data file, but will also give you an option to print a copy of the form for your records.  Click the "Send Data file" button if this comes up.. If you do not get this message, a new email will be created.  This e-mail will have all of the information needed for our staff to import your data into the form and insert it into our system.  Please ensure that you send this e-mail, you may want to double check your sent e-mail folder to ensure the file has been sent to our office.

5.  Once the data file has been received by our office, you will receive a reply e-mail stating that the file was received and is being processed.


NOTE:  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ensure that our office has received your forms.  If you do not receive a reply from our office within 48 hours, please re-submit your forms.


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